VELO nicotine pouches review

VELO nicotine pouches are 4-gram mini-size dry portions made with tobacco-derived nicotine. They come in a plastic can with a two-part lid for storage of used portions. One thing that sets VELO apart from many of its big competitors is the options for flavors and nicotine concentrations. VELO has 8 total flavor options available in three nic strengths.


Flavors: wintergreen, black cherry, dragon fruit, citrus burst, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, and coffee.

There are 20 VELO pouches each can, and they come in 2 mg, 4 mg, and 6 mg nicotine concentrations. You can buy them on the VELO website, various online retailers and smoke shops. Additionally, VELO also makes nicotine lozenges (hard and soft); I reviewed the VELO hard lozenges recently.

The VELO flavors range from light flavor to medium. Not too dissimilar from ON!, but VELO has more tantalizing flavors including fruits. I’ve only tried the non-mint flavors so far, but I’ll update this review with the others if I get them.



Velo Creamy Coffee

A pleasant medium-roast aroma with a little cream and sweetness. I find myself sniffing the can a lot of these, but then again, I like coffee! If you’re not a fan of white coffee, skip these. They’re quite enjoyable to me while not demanding too much on your palate.


Dragon fruit

Velo Dragon Fruit

A bit floral and tropical fruit to the nose, but sitting in my under my lip is mostly dragon fruit (I guess). I wouldn’t be able to identify this taste without seeing the description. All in all, it’s more flavorful than coffee and less dry in my mouth. I guess this flavor causes my mouth to water more.

Citrus burst

A bright orange citrus flavor that is easily discernible as orange. None of that non-descript citrus flavor like from other brands. This is a good one, though the flavor could be a little more bold (IMO).

Black cherry

Velo Cherry Flavor

Out of the flavors I tried, this one has the most unique aroma. Like the dragon fruit, it doesn't quite smell like its intended cherry flavor despite smelling really good. The flavor, however, is pretty accurate and it also is more juicy than the dryness of coffee.

Overall experience

One thing that makes VELO nicotine pouches great is the the available options. Three nicotine choices and nine flavors is far more to choose from compared to other brands.

The nicotine strengths I purchased were 2 mg and 4 mg. If you’re more sensitive, stick with the 2 mg. I find anything over 4 mg to be a bit much for casual usage.

Like most other pouches, I can get about 20-25 minutes before I discard them. The flavor actually lasts quite awhile, despite being nowhere near as flavorful as Rogue pouches. VELO flavors are more like an essence of flavor.

The plastic cans aren’t my favorite; they just feel too cheaply made. But basic two-part lid is at least easy to get into. Just remember if you have some discarded ones stored there because when you take the lid off, it’s easy to pull too hard and accidentally dump out the used pouches. Other than that issue, I have no complaints.

Bottom line: if you want more flavor options with your nicotine pouches, try VELO.

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